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Meeting People is Easy!

A meeting place for cool (or not-so-cool) Bostonians

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Anybody , Moderated
HEY!!! Are you lonely? Single and looking? Bored? Super social and extroverted? Dying to have a friend to join you on a Charles River Stroll? Or maybe to share an ice cream with in Harvard Square? Looking to start a band to make extra money at Park St station? Looking for hoppin Boston parties? Or an artistic friend to join you at the Museum of Fine Arts? Study partner? Partner in crime? Are you just dying to meet other cool Bostonians?!

Friendster, MySpace and Match.com weren't working for me, so this is my alternative. This is not only a dating community, but a friend community as well. This is beyond the cyber world of livejournal. This community is for Bostonians to meet other Bostonians... (gasp) in real life!!

Posting suggestions:
-Age, sex and location (Boston, obviously, but that can include like, 30 towns)
-Looking for... (friend, lover, guitarist, etc), sexual orientation
-Basic interests about yourself (favorite movies and music, Boston hot spots, sports, clubs, school, job, etc.)
-What you are looking for in a companion

-Or instead of (or along with) a profile, post about an upcoming Boston event, like a concert, show at a local bar, fundraiser, whatever you find! That way it will be easy for people to meet up.

-There really are no rules, so dare to be adventurous. (Nothing is censored! Pictures encouraged!)

-This journal is new, so even if you don't want to post, please join. The more members, the more people will join, and the cooler this community will be!!!

-Suggestions welcome!