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"HEROES" Saturday, July 5th ~ We Have A Lot Going On! - Meeting People is Easy! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Meeting People is Easy!

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"HEROES" Saturday, July 5th ~ We Have A Lot Going On! [Jul. 3rd, 2008|03:54 pm]
Meeting People is Easy!


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Come on in and make new friends at "HEROES"!  Feel free to use us as a meet up location! 

"HEROES" In July

DJ Chris Ewen
mixes the music: New Wave, Retro, Synthpop, Old School Goth/Industrial & Punk.
Terri mixes the cocktails.

Now featuring fully working, reliable & repaired air conditioning for your Summer dancing & drinking comfort!

18+. $7 Cover. Open 9pm-2am
"HEROES" on MySpace:

T.T. The Bear's Place
10 Brookline St, Central Square Cambridge MA
http://www.ttthebears.com 617-492-BEAR

Saturday July 5: Terri's Birthday Celebration!! BECK 'Modern Guilt' CD Listening Party (9p - 10p) and a Donna Summer Concert Ticket Giveaway!

Saturday July 19: CUT COPY and PRESETS CD Release Party...Giveaways.

Saturday July 26:
("HEROES" is happening on the 26th, but our original Boy George Ticket Giveaway has been canceled, since his entry visa appeal was denied, and his tour has been postponed.)